Sensory Friendly/Mobility Mindful Park Hours 
The Park at Grace offers sensory friendly and mobility mindful hours. These hours can be found on our closed Facebook page “The Park at Grace Caregivers Group”. If you have a child with special needs, request to be added to the group and our director will contact you for a quick review to see how we can best serve you and your family. During our sensory friendly/mobility mindful hours we do our best to provide a low stimulation environment with low music, quiet areas, and we allow lighting to be adjusted as needed. For children who have difficulty navigating the structure independently, we allow older siblings and parents into the structure to help. Children who may benefit from these hours may include children with Autism, sensory processing disorder, children with low muscle tone, hearing impairments, low vision/blindness, or seizure disorders.

Through the Roof
This ministry pairs children with a 1 on 1 buddy during their time in KidCity on Sunday mornings. Our buddies provide support and care to show our children Jesus as they learn about Him alongside their peers. A brief meeting will take place prior to your first Sunday with a buddy to better understand your child’s needs. Our buddies work to meet a child where they are and support them along the way. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry for your child and family, please  email Charlotte Neff, our Special Needs Director, at