Dudes & Doctrine

For Men 18 years of age or older!

Join us as we continue DUDES & DOCTRINE, we'll meet at Grace Community Church in the
AXIS SENIOR HIGH AUDITORIUM. Every 3rd Saturday (unless otherwise noted)! Stay up to date on our events page on our App.

Request to join our Facebook group to keep you informed of the next meeting date.

We'll study and learn how to apply foundational theology and doctrine in our lives as men.
You'll need to buy the book, Now, That's A Good Question by R.C. Sproul.

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Bring your Bible, notebook & pen, and your Now, That's A Good Question book!

This is a great way to learn and grow together in community as men. Bring your own coffee. Feel free to round up a few guys afterwards, and go grab some breakfast together!

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Fight Club 414

FIGHT CLUB 414 is a 10-week men's discipleship and leadership development process.

The next chapter starts Friday, February 9th, at 11:59pm at the Lodge in Syracuse (13900 N. Eastshore Drive, Syracuse, IN). Contact Pastor Jon for more details.

FIGHT CLUB 414 is about men fighting for their families, their children, and their integrity. Today's culture makes faithfulness, purity and family values a challenge. If we are not purposeful about how we live, we can slide into a meaningless life we never aimed for. And our families suffer for it.

In FIGHT CLUB 414, assignments and expectations are given—a creed is signed that each person must live by. The assignments have to do with pursuing Jesus, strengthening relationships, and getting in physical shape. There is a fight going on every day. We can choose to ignore it or forfeit, or we can fight. We can live with purpose.  We can strive to become the men our world needs us to be. We can be leaders and lovers and fighters for our families.

For more information about how to start a FIGHT CLUB 414 Charter in your church, check out FightClub414.com, join the FIGHT CLUB 414 Facebook page, or write to info@fightclub414.com

Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart is a men's weekend road trip too western Maryland that connects men to God, nature, and each other. Our next trip departs in Fall of 2024. Join us as we camp under the stars, canoe down the historic Potomac River, and learn from God's word.