The New to You Children’s Clothing Event is a wonderful way for our church to help families in our church and in our community find quality used clothing for their children. Last year we collected and gave away over 10,000 items and we hope to have even more this year.

However, this event is so much more than just clothes. Hundreds of people enter this building that may not know the love of Jesus. We are helping them with a physical need, but we are also helping people that have never felt comfortable and welcome in a church before feel comfortable and welcome. When they leave with a bag full of clothes they leave having felt God’s love. 

To Contribute

Bring at least 15 quality clothing items to the church during one of our drop off times (see back). Clothing has to be hung on hangers. If you don’t have any you can hang the clothes at our hanging station during the drop off times. We will be doing an even exchange during the contributor’s presale so, for example, if you bring in 38 quality items you can take 38 items home from the presale.

To Volunteer

Visit us at the sign up table after church today. We can answer any questions you have and you can sign up for a time to volunteer. You can also sign up by searching for New to you Children’s Clothing Event on facebook. You must volunteer 4 hours to attend the pre-sale.

Other ways to help

Purchase new clothes, shoes or coats and donate them. Moms get so excited when they find clothes with tags! Help as a translator. Stop at our table or email us if you can help with this important job.

Pick up some flyers at our table and drop them off at your dentist, child’s preschool, favorite restaurant etc.

Pray for the event, the kids that will receive the clothing and for all of the people who will be entering our church that don’t know Jesus as their savior.

Volunteer for an hour from 8-9am on Saturday so our volunteers can shop for their kids.

Help tear down - We could really use some guys or strong ladies to help us tear down on Saturday from 12-3 pm. If you can help email us or stop by our table and let us know!



Thursday - 9/20

4pm-8pmClothing drop off

Friday - 9/21

8:30am-5pmClothing drop off

Saturday - 9/22

8am-9amPresale for those who volunteered AND contributed

9am-10amPresale for those who volunteered OR contributed

11am-1pmCommunity Event


For more information on shopping, contributing or volunteering visit our sign up table today between services or after church. You can also email us at or visit our Facebook page.