2019 Goals

.01 Present the compelling, life-saving Gospel in all our ministries and witness 1500 decisions for Jesus Christ

.02 Assimilate 500 new unchurched people into the walls of our building

.03 Dunk 500 unashamed followers of Jesus in the waters of Baptism

.04 300 active, faith-filled, prayer warriors begging God to do more than they can imagine in Prayer Encounter

.05 Implement a Father-Son Getaway at The Lodge so that sons can be mentored by their dads

.06  Host & develop a “Men are Back” Men’s Conference with 500 men being challenged to boldly stand for Jesus

.07  Kickoff a new Masters Level Theological Training program called, “DEPLOY” through Grace Seminary here on our Campus

.08  Develop and train 10 Future pastors with the tools necessary to serve in ministry

.09  Find a fresh way to speak for the voiceless children in our world

.10 Graduate 700 men from Fight Club

.11 Create a live-stream interactive message that engages and reaches the watch on demand audience

.12 Develop a Grace Community App for our mobile devices that keeps us growing in our journeys with Jesus

.13 Establish an intern and residency program that develops future church leaders

.14 Explore a new, fresh, church plant by linking arms with a frontline local ministry

.15 Boost the use of The Park’s technology to raise awareness of children and youth ministries

.16 Enhance the Disc Golf Course with new signage, so that the course gains more prominence in North Central Indiana

.17 Explore options to upgrade two outside dorms at The Lodge

.18 Empower our women in fresh ways to flourish in their identities with Jesus

.19 Watch our women grow with a fresh discipleship journey

.20 Celebrate the fruit of men who have completed the first leg of Dudes and Doctrine

.21 Gain greater foot traffic on the grounds of The Lodge so that people renew their wonder and awe of God

.22 Leverage open gym and our workout areas to foster interpersonal conversations with locals to bridge the Gospel into their lives

.23 Research the possibility of an outdoor "ninja-style" workout area on our green space

.24 Build a walking & running trail on our south property

.25 Forge ahead with a scholarship program that helps our youth grow in Christ and participate in life-changing youth events

.26  Find creative ways to resource local churches with our discipleship tools to help the Kingdom of God

.27 Foster a fresh hunger for God’s Word

.28 Become the first church to have 100% participation in giving at least a tithe to the LORD in their offerings

.29  Become the fittest church on Planet Earth so that we never render ourselves ineffective to be used by God

.30 Burn the Mortgage and implement greater, larger, more impactful, ways to take the Gospel to the nations

.31 See an uprising of energetic, spirit-filled volunteers to come alongside our preschool-6th grade students

.32 Develop a strategic marriage/discipleship journey that keeps marriages from crisis-mode and moves them towards thrive-mode

.33 Elevate our use of social media to make it as easy as possible for people to know our Savior

.34 Build a Godly biblical world-view for each attendee of Grace Community, so that they are prepared to give an answer about Jesus

.35 Witness Church-wide participation in our outreach blitzes

.36 Reach the local fishing community with an exciting bass tournament that becomes their first step into Grace Community

.37 Develop a team using our out-buildings at the Lodge who can work on vehicles to assist single parents and widows in need

.38 Hire the brightest, fittest, godliest, best-suited teammates to help reach the 150,000 unchurched of Elkhart County

.39 Ignite an awe & wonder of God through spending time outside in creation

.40 Witness an uprising of our teens for Jesus like never seen before, so that the walls of our Student Ministries won’t be able to contain them

.41 Schedule and plan 4 Worship Experiences outside of our regular Sunday morning times so that Jesus gets greater glory

.42 Plan a church-wide day of fasting & prayer where we beg God to do the unthinkable in our midst

.43 Witness with our own eyes 10 unexpected miracles of God that people respond by saying, “Only God could do that”

.44 Challenge/Watch Grace members become passport-carrying followers of Jesus, so that they can go when The Spirit prompts them to

.45 Release 10 short-term missions teams with the message of Jesus into our lost world

.46 Witness hundreds of people being set free from addictions

.47 Be ready at a moment’s notice to do anything the Spirit calls us to do

.48 Laugh more, believe more, celebrate more, doubt less and live like we believe Jesus is coming again, today

.49 Elevate a fresh awareness with a caring prayer & support system for all of our missionaries and mission points

.50 Lace up our shoes daily and run our own race with passion, so that the world can be won to Jesus