reMARKable Women

"…having believed, you were marked in Him…" - Ephesians 1:13

Our mission of reMARKable Women Ministry is to have a safe environment to help women find love and acceptance, to have a deeper and healthier relationship with God and others, and to help women hear God's voice and be obedient in His calling for their lives.

We always have something going on and would love for you to join us!


reMARKable Women Ministry has the desire to live out the scripture of Luke 2:52, and a tool in accomplishing this is providing you a challenge called TRAINING CAMP. The goal of Training Camp is to meet women where they are and help equip, teach and train them to experience spiritual, physical, relational and emotional growth by digging into the Word and giving different resources, weekly assignments, challenges, and opportunities to help create a life fully devoted to God.  

TRAINING CAMP is designed to help women find healthy patterns so that they can sustain their growth and turn it into a lifestyle. This challenge is open to any women out of high school and beyond. In order to participate in TRAINING CAMP, it is REQUIRED to attend the Kick-Off event.

There are two levels of Training Camp you can choose from:

  1. TRAINING CAMP: Throughout Training Camp you will be challenged in all areas and will be the same as in past challenges where you are able to choose which levels will best challenge you in each area when assignments come out.

  2. TRAINING CAMP EXTREME: Throughout Training Camp Extreme you will be greatly challenged in all areas. This level will be advanced for physical and spiritual fitness. You will have more (and some different) assignments. You will also be grouped with other women in this level to help instill better accountability.


The next round of Training Camp will be in February 2019.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Natalie Replogle


reMARKable Women Together Groups have started for the Fall Session. New Together Groups will restart in 2019. These groups have varied areas of focus that are all about giving you a place to connect with other ladies in an area where you want to see growth happen in your life. 

A few areas are, but not limited to...

  • Accountability Groups
  • Book/Bible Study Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Interest Groups

Here are a few videos that share testimonies about our Together Groups.

Kathy is a small business owner whose children have grown and have lives of their own. Hear her story of the challenges of this role and how she hopes that Together Groups will fill a niche in her life and help her to be successful in this new season in her life. Click here to hear Kathy's story.

Miranda is a stay at home mom of two beautiful children. Hear her story of the challenges of this role and how she hopes that Together Groups will empower her to be the Godly mother and wife she is called to become. Click here to hear Miranda's story. 

Myra is a working mother of two who leads an active lifestyle with a very busy schedule. Hear her story of the challenges of this role and how Together Groups help her to stay focused on Christ in the midst of all the activity. Click here to hear Myra's story.

We use a Facebook group page to connect women into groups and updating you on the latest groups available. Click here to go straight to the Facebook page!

*These groups are open to any women out of high school.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Natalie Replogle


Special events are a great way to come and experience a taste of what reMARKable Women is all about in just a couple hours. Every event is different...
from retreats, conferences, doing something unexpected for others, time where we just come together and experience community, experiencing God
through our women's worship team, hearing how God has worked in other women’s lives, and etc.