2018 Goals

.01 Pray and ask God to use us, to lead 1500 people to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

.02 Disciple and lead 3000 people in weekly attendance with 500 of them being new to Grace Community.

.03 Plunge 500 people going public in baptism after they become gloriously saved!

.04 Develop an army of 300 prayer warriors to pound the hallways of heaven Wednesdays in the SOUTH AUDITORIUM for Prayer Encounter.

.05 Create a fresh, life-giving Father-Son Weekend at the Lodge.

.06 Plan and host the first ever Men are Back Conference and see 350 men become mighty warriors for Jesus.

.07 Spark and assemble a new team to reach out to our precious Hispanic community.

.08 Open The Park at Grace and watch God use it to connect us to thousands from our community as the first step to trust in Jesus.

.09 See an uprising of energetic, spirit-filled volunteers to come alongside our 4th-6th grade students.

.10 Develop a Marriage strategy/discipleship journey that keeps marriages from crisis-mode.

.11 Fall madly in love with the God of the Bible, while reading the Bible, daily as a church.

.12 Gain an international platform for Jesus and use it to lead millions to Jesus.

.13 Encourage attendees to experience the SOUTH AUDITORIUM on Sundays so that we can accommodate our growing church.

.14 Create an environment where transparency and vulnerability prevail, so that those bound in addictions can be set free.

.15 Plan 8 exciting, life-changing, fun, and friendly blitzes that point people to Jesus.

.16 Encourage every man and woman to jump in where God is moving in a powerful way and “Find their people,” so they can find their person to do life with.

.17 Reach the local fishing community with an exciting fishing tournament that becomes their first step into Grace Community.

.18 Develop a team using our out-buildings at the Lodge, who can work on vehicles to assist single parents and widows in need.

.19 Hire the brightest, fittest, godliest, best-suited teammates to help reach deeper into the 150,000 unchurched people of Elkhart County.

.20 Seek God for the new mission points he wants us to link arms with, so that thousands more come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

.21 Become the most generous giving church on Planet Earth where every attendee gives a minimum of 10% of their income.

.22 Build a new Disc Golf Course at The Lodge that brings people from all walks of life onto the property so that we can make a bridge to Jesus with them.

.23 Redesign and rethink all of our printed and digital signs to better catch the vision and connect to our community.

.24 Elevate our open hours and property at The Lodge so that thousands can refresh, refuel and come alive.

.25 Host a Worship Service at the Fairgrounds that witnesses thousands in attendance and hundreds trusting in Jesus as their Lord and Savior during the Elkhart County Fair.

.26 Witness an explosion of new teenagers utilizing our new Jr-Sr High Youth Center, watching God radically change their lives.

.27 Schedule and plan 6 Worship Experiences outside of our regular Sunday morning times so that Jesus gets greater glory.

.28 Plan a church-wide day of fasting and prayer where we beg God to do the unthinkable in our midst.

.29 Dedicate, party, and celebrate the New Construction’s Completion!

.30 Host and lead a men’s conference in Iraq to strengthen them to become godly leaders in their homes, workplaces, churches and country.

.31 Find more ways to reach deeper into the Syracuse Community, so that it can be won to Jesus.

.32 Pay off the mortgage and be completely debt free!

.33 Assist, support & pray for our local churches and Pastors so that thousands commit to Jesus.

.34 Position us as a church so that our building is flooded with people utilizing our gym, workout rooms, and The Park to bridge and connect into healthy relationships with each other.

.35 Host summer camps that bridge friendships with people far from God.

.36 Witness with our own eyes 10 unexpected miracles of God, that leave people saying, “Only God could do that.”

.37 Send, help, equip, and prepare 20 people to be sent out for Christian Vocational Ministry.

.38 Gain greater INFLUENCE in our community & the surrounding communities with our colleges.

.39 Become the fittest, healthiest, bravest, fearless group of frontline followers of Jesus the world has ever seen.

.40 Ignite and add fuel to the fire of our 18-28 year old Pursuit Group so that the walls of the Lodge can’t contain them.

.41 Stir a fresh spark of revival in the hearts of Grace attendees so that they shake it up in every area that they have settled in.

.42 See every attendee become passport owners so that they are ready at a moment’s notice to go and serve on our 10-planned mission’s trips.

.43 Break the chains of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gluttony, adultery, lust, gossip, laziness and other addictions so that people can serve God in Freedom and Power.

.44 Be willing at a moment’s notice to do whatever God moves us to, even if it means rethinking everything.

.45 Be known in our community as a church that loves people and loves Jesus and is a great team player with other Christians to elevate the work of Jesus.

.46 Develop our green space into recreational and ministry opportunities to REACH our community for Jesus.

.47 Find the freshest, Spirit-led ways to lift up the name of Jesus, in our large group worship gatherings.

.48 Laugh more, believe more, doubt less, celebrate more and live like we believe Jesus is coming again today.